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Masato Ushijima

Sonologic-Design Owner/Sound Designer

HAL Tokyo College of Technology & Design Part-Time Instructor


First-Japanese Wwise-101 Certification


Wwise Certified Instructor 

Studied sound&music at Berklee College of Musi Music Synthesis. After back to Japan, started career as game sound designer. in WWE franchise, sound design/management/translation for three years. in 2015, established Sonologic-Design. In March 2017, Product Expert, Developers Relations of Audiokinetic K.K.

Recent Work
2018.8 CEDEC2018 Sound Session Speaker


リニアとノンリニアの融合! VRコンテンツ制作の未来

2017.11 InterBee2017 Ambisonics Session Speaker

InterBEE 2017 Sennheiser Special Seminner「VR Sound Recording・Editing」

Media Integration Immersive Audio〜How to use Ambisonics Potential〜

2017.9 PROSOUND 2017.10.vol201 Interview

2017.8 CEDEC2017 Sound Session Speaker


基礎から応用 3DサウンドAmbisonicでなにができる?

神っているダイアログ(ボイス、台詞)ワークフローの決定版! 劇的工数削減をモバイル、AAA、VR/ARへ。

2016.5 IGDA Japan SIG-Audio Speaker

2016.4 World-First Wwise Certified Instructor

2015.11 IGDA Japan SIG-Audio Speaker

2015.10 HAL Tokyo College of Technology & Design Part-Time Instructor of Game Sound Design

2015.1 First Japanese Wwise-101 Certification

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as freelance composer past fifteen years, provided high-quality different style of music for the number of TV/Game/Commercial. our partnership enhance both sound design/music for client’s need.